Possible source of French content

I am in touch with people at this site to try to get their permission to use their content.

What do you think of it?

What other sources are there out there for different languages?

wow! this is fantastic.

downloads audio on to mobile phone

The use of youtube for doing the audio is a master-stroke.


  1. Alleviates bandwidth stresses from the server, and
  2. Utilises the Youtube network to bring in learners.

Although it appears like it’s potential hasn’t been exploited fully.
The youtube channel only has 8 videos on there, so it is still young and lean as far as content goes… and each video does not have any description. I would have thought they would have written something like “please join [website link] to view the accompanying transcript” etc, etc…

It has got me thinking, how even youtube itself with it’s annotation system and subtitles built into the videos can serve as an awesome form of audio/video delivery… could be on the to-do list on LingQ. Could certainly be an avenue to consider in the not too distant future to compliment the online services… even if there is no video and just audio, a still gif/jpeg image and annotations… it could be a great delivery system and perhaps be a nice source for getting members.

ps: I hope you have a Facebook, Google AdWords campaign going at the moment… I’ve been using it to great success for a few clients that I work with.

For Dutch (I know, not yet available), this might be a good source (advanced learners):
NPO Kennis ... en je weet het e=site_radio

It is a website by Teleac, which makes school TV, courses and documentaries (their aim is to teach!). On this website, all kinds of popular scientific topics are treated. It has an archive of three years of radio shows, all in clear and not too fast spoken Dutch. The radio shows are not transcribed literally, but the accompanying text gives an introduction.

It’s very good content on this site.

Can you try to get permission for http://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com? I use often this content.

^^^ I think that one is already on here. I remember seeing it ages ago.


Yes, there are some of those podcasts in the Library. I think they only let us use a few in hopes that it would drive people to their site.

Regarding, the Dutch site, we hope to have Dutch soon but it’s much better if the accompanying text is not just an introduction. It doesn’t have to be a literal transcription but the closer the better. Our system works with the text.

Roy, what do you mean download the audio to your mobile phone? All I see on that site is the Youtube video and the transcript. While it would be nice for us to have all our content on YouTube, realistically we’re not going to convert all our content to videos and upload it there.