Possible new Italian outfit

I wish I had some basic drawing skills, because in that case I would design it in Photoshop myself and earn points*, but I though of letting you know anyway. A new Italian outfit could be added, “Il Garibaldino”. Garibaldini were volunteer soldiers led by Giuseppe Garibaldi. One of their achievements, among many, was to conquer and annex (with help from other volunteer soldiers) the Kingdom of Naples to the newly formed Kingdom of Italy back around the 1860’s. I though it can be a good outfit because these soldiers wore characteristic red shirts, red hats, black gaiters, green handkerchiefs, etc. so they are quite recognizable at first glance.

How they looked like: http://goo.gl/peZBm

More information (in Italian): Garibaldino - Wikipedia

  • I’m going to contact an old friend of mine who taught me Photoshop some years ago, and see if he can do something. I’ll keep you informed. [update: sent him an email]

He says he’ll have a look at LingQ and, possibly, advertise it on his website as well.