Possible improvement to the "Post and Submit for correction" function

I recently used the “Post and Submit for correction” function on the forum, to write a post in German. But the way the function worked turned out to be different than what I had in mind. Here is how it works:

you write a post → click “Post and submit for correction” → your post, with all its mistakes, is published, and the text sent to a tutor.

Here is how I thought it would work:

you write a post → click “Post and submit for correction” → your post is published, with a notice below saying “This post has been submitted for correction” → the tutor corrects your writing → the post is automatically modified in the forum thread, and the notice below now says: “This post has been corrected by a tutor”

I think it would be better this way. People who use the “Post and Submit for correction” function mostly do so to avoid making embarrassing mistakes in public, but the system leaves no choice but to manually edit your post as soon as you read the corrections made by your tutor.

Thanks for the suggestion, Adalberto. Would something like this inspire others to use this feature more?

It certainly would make more sense. Whenever I use the Submit and Post feature I add a note to the post saying that this is going to be corrected by a tutor. (I never bothered to post the corrected version, though, and I’ve only ever used the button a couple of times for Swedish and Spanish, I believe.)