[possible bug] images and sound files not handled properly

It looks like every image that is in Lingq is not longer shown. For example the image I have for profile, but also those of other people, are not displayed. They are not substituted by anything else. Just empty.
The second thing is, an audio file I just uploaded is not being played. It looks like Lingq is suddenly having problems with media files. I noticed this first late yesterday night around midnight (Amsterdam time), and chalked it up to a random misstake. But now it happens with a freshly uploaded lesson.
Please let me know if this is a mistake and if so when it is fixed?

EDIT: I can also no longer play older recorded audio and changing an imported file (the one I imported and changed today) seems also impossible. I tried to add a translation, I also tried to share it. Both seem impossible.

Does anyone else have this problem?

[problem is solved as of 19:45 Amsterdam time. Thanks.]

The problem seems to have been cleared. Thxnks.

Great, glad to hear it!