[possible bug] first word problems (current but not actual)

I noticed that when I page to a new page, the first colored word has no “line-boundary” and the right of the screen shows a list of all words in the document by state. If I then use the arrow, I get to the second word, and I have to do the arrow back to get to the first colored word (blue or orange or underlined (4) ) and show the definition and notes.

This was a bit of an annoyance, but not a problem as I could get to it with back arrow. However, if a page only has one colored word, then I cannot get to the word at all using the arrow as the arrow-right will give the next sentence and the arrow-left will give the previous sentence. In order to see the definition and notes I have to click.

I am currently working from Chrome in sentence mode.

Is it possible to make sure that the first word is both current and actual, in the sense that it shows the definition and notes?

Additionally, I just discovered that this problem only surfaces in a sentence where the colored is the first word in the sentence. If it is not the first word, then I can arrow into the word. Only if it is the first word (or the only word) then arrow to the right goes to next sentence and arrow to the left goes to the previous sentence.

I hope that helps!

Thanks. I’ll look into it and report to our developers.