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I a lingQ user, since july 2011

I have been thinking quite a lot of about members status, how much we pay, as a plus member i thougt that becaming plus i will have the right to get more corrections from tutors, and in a faster time, I mean dont needing to buy extra points or have to pay extra for a conversation(as one member told me that 1.00 hour conversation costs 20 euros and if i want(as i would like write everyday and get my texts correcteds like i want write 1 or 2 pages how much it costs?5euros,or more?if so it is huge for me!,and get a conversation once a week but i had no idea about the amount of mony you have to pay to get the support you deserve as a member i did not know that lingQ worked in that way ,i really like the site and really want do my best, but i have been thinking if there is some anothers more economical ways to learn,especialy when we dont have very much time available to stay loosing time searching on internet and get some kind of unnexperienced people from non valuable another sites wich advice not really useful ways and not really efective ways how to study and learn properly,naturaly as Steve always mentioned, I like lingQ

Looking forward your answer

Hi Juliana!
I think the Account page explains quite well what the advantages of each subscription are. With a Plus membership, you get 3000 points every month. That’s the equivalent of 6 conversations or around 1000 written words. Not bad!
Some members agree to have free conversations to help each other in the respective language. For example, a Spanish and a British member agree to talk on the given day for, say, 15 minutes in English and 15 minutes in Spanish.
Unfortunately, I don’t think there are many LingQ members who are studying Finnish. I studied it a bit some years ago, but I didn’t learn much and I have already forgotten a lot. :frowning: I do want to learn it better, but I don’t have enough time now.
If you are on Facebook, you could vote for Finnish to be added as a beta language (and ask your friends to do so). When it is added, you can provide lessons and tutoring, which can give you more points. Here is the page where you can vote: http://on.fb.me/pcZaZS.
I think I could correct your writings even every day (if you don’t mind my not being a native speaker), but not (entirely) for free. Maybe you can send me a part of your writing via LingQ and the other part via e-mail.
I hope someone else will give you some advice.
Good luck,

@jnvn - As mikebond says, Basic members get 0 points, Plus members get 3000 points and Premium members get 7500 points. This is the only difference between the 3 levels of membership.

Hi mikebond thank you for your coments,

You think that 1000 written words are good? and when you say 6 conversations(how long time 10, 15 min)?

For example today I submitted a text for correction less than 2 pages, and it costs me 20 euros, for me this is not so good. Or maybe i just do not know how to use the sistem.

Thank you both for your answer my questions.

@jnvn - If you submit long writing submissions, it can get expensive. There is no other way of doing it. It is expensive to have 1000 words corrected because it takes a long time for a tutor to correct it and tutors must get paid. In fact, for the service you receive, the cost is quite reasonable.

What I suggest is that you should not submit such long submissions on LingQ. The idea of our writing correction is that it is like Quality Control. Submit shorter samples so your tutor can identify the types of errors you are making. Study your correction report to help you focus on areas in which to improve. If you submit shorter samples, your tutor will be able to correct them more quickly. Also, if you submit shorter texts but spend a little more time to make sure they are accurate and use the built-in spellchecker, this will help your tutor return the corrections more quickly.

I hope this helps.

I think you may want to take a look at Lang-8 which deals with correcting texts and it’s free. The premise is that you submit texts that you want corrected and you help to correct texts in your own language that have been written by other users.

That should be able to fill the gap if you want many texts corrected.

Here is a video about it:

(make sure to remove the space in the link)

@ishikawa87 thank you.

@Mark- built-in spellchecker how do you mean?

I tried lang-8 to get some English texts corrected. I wanted to see if this service works. I’ve corrected 13 text, and I was careful to choose native English speakers. I thought that they’ll probably correct my texts then. I’ve submitted 4 texts and I got only 2 corrected. If I consider that the time for the 13 corrections I would never do this again. It hasn’t worked for me at all.
Instead I submitted the texts at LingQ and I got them back in one day.

Lang-8 probably works if you learn languages that are not so popular and where there are a lot of native speakers that are willing to help. If you want to learn English this could become difficult, because an overwhelming amount of people wants to learn English, and only some English speakers helps with corrections. I guess members of lang-8 prefer to correct very short texts, because the statistic on lang-8 makes no difference between long and short writings.

@Veral- thank you for your coment, yes it can be like you say, but the difference is that you get your texts corrected for free,of course you can not get full service, when you say the statistic on lang-8 makes no difference between long and short writtings, you mean people will not correct long texts,do you have any suggestions?

@jnvn: The fact is that there is nothing for free. I’ve corrected much more writings than I got corrected. It cost a lot of MY TIME to correct he writings. I thought that in exchange I’ll get my writings corrected but it didn’t work.
I have no suggestion. I stated only that lang-8 didn’t work for me. And I shared my thoughts about the reason. LingQ costs money but it works.


Lang-8 probably works if you learn languages that are not so popular and where there are a lot of native speakers that are willing to help.

You are right. It works very well for languages like Russian, but for learners of English, who seem to be the vast majority on the site, there just are not enough native English speakers to correct all the contributions written in English.

You can help your chances by making “friends” with some English speakers, as (if I remember correctly) one can easily look to see if any friends have pieces waiting to be corrected, and notes requesting help can be sent via email to friends from Lang-8.

It also helps to not submit writings that are very long. I would suggest writing no more than three short paragraphs. As you know, it is a lot of work to do a good job correcting written work, and a long piece will, I suspect, often be passed by in favor of something shorter.

I haven’t been to Lang-8 for awhile, but if I visit again, I’ll look for your work. What is your nickname there? (Put it on my “wall,” here, if you would rather.)

@veral-I agree with you lingQ costs but it works.You have more experience than me using the lingQ system.
I am always happy when I can learn new things or share something wich can be useful to others,that´s why I am writting on the forum and why I opt for lingQ because it works for me.

We are here to help each other through our experience,sharing any good idea.

The fact is when we want achieve anything,any goal we have to be determined to pay the price, we have to try more things, search for diferente ways,and get everything wich can increase and take us near that goal.

take care

Lang-8 works quite nicely for French, Chinese, Japanese. English texts are rarely corrected. The quality of corrections differs a lot.

LingQ’s text corrections cost points, but the quality is much better, and you don’t have to wait long for your correction.

Exactly Hape, that is why I stay with LingQ for my English. Thank you Ernie for your kind offer, but I’ll rely on LingQ because I’ve found some very helpful tutors here. I decided that it took me too much time to correct writings on lang-8 and get not the same value back. I’ll not use it in the future.

I have a student, who submits writings at Lang-8 first, and then submits corrected writing to me. And I still find about 1 error per 10-12 words :))

Perhaps, it is a good idea for learners of German, Russian, etc. — the languages where it is quite easy to make a lot of minor mistakes.

When you post on the forum or submit writing there is a built in spellchecker on the page - See screenshot - http://screencast.com/t/IgdlKmcfokP. Just click on the link and your misspelled words will be underlined and can be edited. If you need to change the language of the spellchecker which sometimes happens on the forum, just click on the black down arrow.