Poor quality lessons

I have found a lesson called “Ejercicio Españolas” (Login - LingQ), written by a member of LingQ who is learning Spanish. It wasn’t corrected by anyone and contains a few mistakes. Moreover, the recording wasn’t made by a Spanish native speaker. I wanted to check the “Report poor quality lesson” box in the rating pop-up, but it didn’t work (a bug?).
I wonder whether it’s worth keeping it in the library…

Thanks for pointing this out. We will find out what is happening to the pop-up and will remove this lesson.

Thanks, Steve.

I’ve been looking through some of the English lessons and noticed that some aren’t great. Sometimes it’s just formatting errors or typos, but sometimes grammar mistakes. Can I do something to help out?

We will get you the editor pencil so you can make corrections. If there are bad lessons please let us know and we can look at removing them. Thanks. Alex will follow up with the pencil.

I’ve now given you editor access, so you’ll see a pencil appear at the top right of all English lessons. Feel free to make any corrections you find. As Steve says, if the lesson is just plain bad then use the reporting feature located within the rating popup (found at the bottom of the lesson). Thanks!

Ok, cheers. I’ll slowly move through collections and make any changes I see necessary.

Two question though.

1: What if the text has an error which would take it out of line with the audio? I think I’ll just report those instead. I’m fairly aware of dialectical differences in English and won’t touch those. Perhaps this will only occur when non-natives have written a lesson and have said the same thing as they wrote.

2: Before I go clicking the report button, does it allow me to write something as a note or does in instantly send a warning to you guys? I didn’t want to try it on a random lesson to find out and have that lead that to some suspicious towards that particular lesson! :smiley:

I agree with correcting typos in other people’s work and would be grateful to have any typo rectified, but would hesitate to correct anything major. Would it be better to let the providers know first so that they can correct their own work?

To answer your questions:

  1. If it is something naturally spoken and includes lots of "um"s and "ah"s, then it’s not vital that it be an exact transcription, but the audio should match the lesson. All lessons should either be written or corrected by a native speaker, so if you notice something with significant errors in both the audio and transcription simply report it and we’ll look at removing it.

  2. There currently isn’t the option to write anything, but it will send a report as soon as you check the box.

SanneT has the right idea. If these corrections are typos or minor errors then go ahead and fix it, but if there are major errors in the lesson you can either report it or contact the lesson uploader.

Ok, great. Thanks for clearing that up. It’s a good idea to talk to the uploader. Great stuff. :slight_smile: