Politics gone mad?

A frigate of the Russian Navy has had this year’s entry permit to attend the “Kieler Wochen” rejected by the German authorities, in view of the events in [the] Ukraine.

The Kieler Woche is a spectacular maritime get-together where private competitors come to meet and where the navies of many other countries are also represented.

Here is a link to the German newspaper article:


Apparently the mayor of Kiel can understand the reason for the refusal to let a Russian warship take part this year. I can’t.

The Kieler Woche is a standing fixture on the sailing calendar, a regular and international, friendly event, which additionally enables participating nations to exchange on a higher, but relaxed level. Okay, there may be some political shenanigans going on during these occasions, but officially it is an event designed to unite nations.

This year it seems to want to exclude nations.


That will be followed in turn by another government stupidity here in Russia, and it will never stop.

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