Political Correctness

hello, everybody … First at all I would like to say that the last LingQ podcast was terrific. I really enjoy it. Maybe, it is because the term “Political Correctness” is not really used in my back country Venezuela. (actually i am living in Calgary, Canada). I mean this definition is totally new to me.

But the reason of this thread is to ask for help. may somebody help me with the phrase “a one off”? . What I got from some Spanish-English on-line translator does not make any sense at all. I have some idea of what it could mean but I would like to hear some explanation from others learners.

Thanks a lot …

HI Humberto, hope you are warm enough in Calgary.

“A one off” is an event that is intended to happen once and only once.


“The Simon and Garfunkel concert in Central Park was a one off.”

“The annual outdoor National Hockey League game was originally intended as a one off, but now they do it every year.”

Hi, Edwards… I hope you are fine. Here in Calgary the weather has been very nice the last two weeks, after an “horrendous week” of continuous “- 30 degree Celsius” days.

Thanks for your examples. I hope to be back with your conversation group next week.

See you (or should I say “talk to you”?) …