Hi, I just upgraded my account from free to basic by a six months payment, but I saw on the account page that you could enter a coupon code UPSAVE500. I couldn’t enter this code anywhere. Can you tell me where I can enter this code to get those 500 points? Thanks!

gr. sjoerd

I think there’s something going on with the points today (for what it’s worth, I found out that I was the second most active user in January, and that my uploaded lessons did generate a few points as well, but no update yet - but I can live with that for another day or two:)).

Hi Sjoerd,

Because you upgraded through Paypal, you bypassed the main payment system which includes the entry field for the upgrade coupon. I have now manually upgraded your account and given you the upgrade bonus. Enjoy!


Points for activity and shared lessons will be given out sometime in the next few days.

Thanks Mark!!

gr. sjoerd

Thank you Mark!