I noticed that my points has been increased by 200.

I checked on “points” page, but wasn’t written about this additional points.

How can I find where this points come from?

Did a friend to whom you recommended LingQ open a paid account? You get 200 points per month for that.

I thought so, but I haven’t recommend it to anyone specifically yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Look here to see where the points come from: http://www.lingq.com/invite/referrals/

It says “You earned 0 points last month for referring your friends”.and Total referrals: 0 ,too.

Maybe you have a secret admirer.

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@yukiko - I checked your account and don’t see anything mysterious here. If you do the math from the transactions showing everything should line up!

I still don’t see where the extra 200 points come from in my transactions, but I will stop worrying about it :slight_smile: I just want to thank whoever gave me that points :slight_smile: