I really do hate to bring that up, but:

I invited a friend (actually it was my mother) to LingQ, via email. In the description it says, that I would receive 200 points per month, she signed up as a Basic Member on March 31. Now I do have 100 points on my account, I am not sure that they are for the new membership already, I also published one lesson once, but I am not sure that I would receive points for that, and I certainly do not have any one who signed up for my conversations so far.

Is the count wrong or did I miss something?

If you hover over your user name on the top right side of the page you see the number of points you have below. If you click on the points you see all details where the points come from.

I wonder what happened with my referral points too. I got only 100 lately but I’ve 3 paying members on my referral list. I’ve just emailed Mark. You can check your referral list if you click on “Invite” on the top of the page and then on “Sieh, ob Deine Freunde teilgenommen haben.” or use http://www.lingq.com/invite/referrals/

Points for lessons are paid once a month, usually between the 5th and the 10th.

@VeraI - Referral points are actually now paid when the purchase is made rather than at a set time each month.

@Safran - You can confirm where the points came from by going to the Points page and looking at the point transactions. (You’ll see there that the 100 points were earned as a commission on the purchase made by your mother.)

"(You’ll see there that the 100 points were earned as a commission on the purchase made by your mother.)’

That’s exactly how I made my 400 points!

ok I found it, thank you ! I have not yet looked at the points, because I am at the beginning of every language, where a tutor would be good, and I do not think that I should already book a tutor, but maybe this is a topic for a new post…

It is a pity though, that you always have to buy exactly 1000 points, I thought I might be able to just buy 333 for having my text corrected, and I still do not feel able to speak in the languages I am learning, maybe this is a suggestion for another update :wink:

I have not received any referral points since March. Does this mean that my friends have downgraded? I just looked at one of their pages and it looks like she is pretty active yet.

Or has something changed with referral points that I missed?

The referral system has changed and you now get your referral points whenever your referrals payments are made. However, the amount has stayed the same and the points are being given out. If you are no longer getting points, it is likely that your referrals are taking a break. If you are still unsure, you can send your friend’s username to us at support and we can look into it for you.

Oh…I read that same explanation above and it didn’t sink in. Now I understand.

Is the status of the referral reflected in the list of referrals? You can see the people to whom you have sent invitation’, you can see whether they ave responded and whether they have upgraded. If they downgrade, will I be able to tell from that list?

Yes, you can see all your referrals on the referrals page, if they have registered and if they are upgraded or not.