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How do the points work? If I accumulate points over a few months, but I use as many as I can each month, do you subtract the most recent points first when I submit writing or sign up for speaking? I ask because the amount of points I had at the end of last month and the points I used to sign up for a speaking session with my tutor and the points that I gained for submissions didn’t add up the way I thought they should. I didn’t expect to lose any points because I make a special effort not to let them “expire” if I can. Please explain to me what happened. Thanks.

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Your points expire 90 days after you receive them. Every day the system looks to see if you received points 90 days ago and then counts how many points you have spent since then. If you have not spent all the points, the remainder expire from your account.

It is very helpful if the system give us a 1-month notification before points expire. It is very difficult for me to know how many points I have to use before a certain date.

It’s not the losts point that worry me, but rather the fact that I sometimes lose more than I “get”. All of my points come from shared lessons. As soon as I have more than 500 points, I book a 1-on-1, but if I have 499 (or less) and fear that most of them will be lost in a day or two (before I get new points from my shared content) I have to spend them on writing (not a bad thing, though), and then one or two days later I get fewer points than I spent (which makes even the first 500-goal more unreachable).

If I had thousands of points and lost half of it now and then, I wouldn’t care that much, but right now it’s hard to keep up to get back on track. Well I think I’d better record more stuff that more people could download. :smiley:

Hi, I think it woul better we get initially 1000 points. I don’t understand why we get just 500. What’s more I don’t know how manager them.


It would be nice to have those kinds of notifications and we will have them someday. In the meantime, we do feel that 90 days is a long time in which to use your points up.


The simplest solution for you is to buy a few points so you have enough to join a conversation. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you mean but if you are referring to the 500 point upgrade bonus, we don’t really feel like doubling it for everyone ;-). And, you only get it if you upgrade. So, you as a free member, have not received any points yet.

Touché, Mark! :smiley:

Jeff, I think it is great that you create content in your native language! In my experience the interest especially for Beginner material is very high!
Why don’t you offer conversations? I get points for my tutoring as well. If you would do this too, you would have no problems to have enough points.

First, I have very random work hours (making it a bit difficult to plan anything) - and second, I have specifically asked people (in the Swedish LingQ forum) to let me know if they want to book a session. Third - my daily study average is +6 hours (several languages), and workout, dinner et.c. on top of that. (even I have to eat and sleep).

Jeff - I’m impressed! I’m passionate about studying languages, and others around me think it’s a little strange (sometimes I wonder myself). It helps to hear that you and so many others on this forum are so dedicated to it -makes me feel like I’m not alone. You’re an inspiration - thanks!

A real example from earlier today (Thursday, July 23rd):
German - 1 hour of listening+saving and reviewing LingQs
Russian - 1 hour of listening+saving and reviewing LingQs
Chinese - 1,5 hour of listening+saving and reviewing LingQs
Spanish - 1,25 hours listening to an audio book
(this was a bad day…)

On a normal day, I usually read for about one hour (in the above languges, plus French) in addition to all this. On a good day, I also practice my Chinese writing.

Right now I am not able to speak Swedish, I just listen to Swedish content (to your, Jeff, content and Andre&Anders dialogues) and sometimes I submit writings to you. I suppose that in 2010 I will be able to mumble in Swedish and will sign up for your conversation.

For promoting your lessons, I suggest you to create courses with them (i.e. “Lite av varje”). Even if you don’t suggest conversations, your courses are shown. I noticed that the download leaders in my content are

  1. content for beginners
  2. content that used in courses.


That’s right! 90 days is long enough to spend points :slight_smile: Still I think it is nice to have an expire date notification though. I need something to whip me up. Haha.

Hi Jeff, Rasana, wouldn’t it be great if Jeff translated and recorded ‘Letters to Japan’ and maybe similar easy stuff from Russian to create some more simple Swedish texts, which nonetheless contain everyday vocabulary that I have not seen in Swedish like ‘lime blossom tea’? It would also show how to write personal letters in Swedish. Just an idea :slight_smile:

Reinhard, I agree with you :)) I would like to have such content for Swedish :slight_smile: Although I am not sure is it interesting for Swedish learners to read letters Russia <-> Japan…

@Jeff: I offered German conversations for 2 months before I had the first one. Demand follows supply. That is an economic law. At the beginning I had only 1 conversation a week. Now I have 2 or 3 a week. That is not a lot. I think you would be able to offer it. Don’t you think you can spend 15 minutes from 42 hours a week that you spend for your studies? I think time will come when people are looking out for Swedish conversations. I think the interest for the Swedish language will increase with the number of material in the library.

You could offer conversation in a short advance if you have problems with your work hours.

I made the same experience as Rasana: Most popular is beginner content followed by “A bis Z: Geschichten aus der Zeitung”. Followed by material used in courses.