Points not calculated properly for writing

I tried to submit some writing, but despite having more points than it said I needed, when clicking the submit button the message box said that I didn’t have enough. So I reduced my words so that I could submit it, and then I find that I’m left with 124 points in my account. So the check that’s done on submission doesn’t seem to be correct.

The check done on the page is an approximation and the actual count is done on the server. Sorry if this resulted in some points being left over but we are unable to count accurately on the fly on the page so have had to settle for this manner of counting after the submission.

No, but the problem was that the points deducted were the same as those written on the submission form.
It wouldn’t let me submit until I reduced the word count, to some arbitrary level lower than that written, and then it went with the point count calculated on screen. The problem was at the point of submission.

That’s strange. It seems to work just fine for me. What language are you submitting writing in?

French. I’d written it in Word first, so I wonder if the apostrophes made a difference to the count, with Word replacing ’ with ’.

Word very often does have strange formatting characters in it. That could be it. Typing directly into the submission field is the better way to go if you can. It does autosave your text as a draft and it does have a spellchecker.

Unfortunately I have to use Word to enter accented characters.
I don’t imagine that you’ll implement some fancy way of entering accents for the submission field any time soon.

You mean buy a French keyboard? I can already type on one, having used one for a year some while ago.
Nice idea, but I don’t really type in French enough to justify the hassle. Word already makes it easy enough.
And it makes switching to Japanese annoying, which is a language I type a lot.

That is too bad. On my Mac, I am able to type all characters fairly easily. I believe Windows has the same functionality but you may have to install it. Having said that, for French accents I usually just type without accents and then use the spellchecker on LingQ to find and input them!

Just use http://www.typeit.org/
Works on every OS in your browser!

Yes, you can do that in windows, but it changes the keyboard layout to a French one, which is different enough to make typing French on a Japanese keyboard nigh on impossible.
In Word I can use the shortcut keys
ctrl + ’ followed by vowel => acute accent
ctrl + ` followed by vowel => grave accent
ctrl + ^ followed by vowel => circumflex
ctrl + : followed by vowel => trema
ctrl + , followed by c => cedilla
It also automatically converts " into guillemets.

I think the problem is the Japanese keyboard. It’s not accent friendly.

I had a look at typeit. It doesn’t work in Firefox, because there are already functions associated with most ctrl+letter. Although I see that it’s supposed to. Don’t know why it doesn’t work for me.
Works well in Chrome, though.