Points included in plus membership


First of all, I’m a newcomer to the world of Lingq so I apologise if I’ve posted in the wrong forum. I signed up this morning (Australian time) for a free membership which I promptly upgraded to Plus. I didn’t see the 3000 points mentioned in the membership ‘profile’ credited to my account. I was under the impression that these points would automatically be added to my tally when I upgraded. I have purchased 2000 points and used a coupon code which provided me with an additional 500. I’d really love to get started but I’m a little hesistant to do so until I can figure out what the different membership ‘levels’ entail. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Michael R.

The 3000 points are now showing up in your account. This is an occasional bug which has been fixed in the new update that will load in a few days.

The levels really only represent different price levels for buying points, and to some extent additional pressure on the purchaser to use them and to commit to studying harder. You still get to choose how to use the points.

Sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience.