Points for content creators


yesterday I thought about the points that are given to content creators when people use their texts to practice. When I was new at LingQ, I used to register all my listenings and readings in the selective lists next to every lesson.

But meanwhile I find it more comfortable for me to download the audios to my iPod, print the texts and listen/read throughout the day (whenever I find the time to do so). So I stopped registering my reading and listening times, because at the end of day or several days I do not remember the exact number. And for myself I find this information not so important, as I see my known words become more and more, that’s enough for me.

But: Will the content creator (in my case especially Fernanda) still benefit from me using the lessons? Or is he/she paid depending on the recorded times?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If the rules haven’t changed, the content provider is rewarded according to the number of people who use a lesson. In the past, a lesson was considered as used when the learner clicked on “I know all” or “LingQ’d”. I don’t know if the current button “Move all unknown words to known” has the same function.
Anyway, reading a lesson several time shouldn’t bring any additional points to the content provider.

The current situation is such, I believe, that the mere click of a lesson will result in points being allocated to the content provider.

That means for example, checking out a lesson that someone else comments on the forum and just clicking it in order to view it or edit it will count as much as opening a lesson working through it and LingQing all unknown words.

Every time you click on a new lesson for the first time, it is recorded in the system as “taken”. It doesn’t really matter if you clicked it accidentally or if you really worked with it, it counts.

The content provider receives points the first time you click the lesson. You can click away to your heart’s content as many times as you wish on the same lesson and it will only be registered as taken by you the first time you click.

This means that the more users that merely click on a lesson to open it, the more points for the content provider.

Kathi, you are German it seems, you could create some of the vignettes recently requested by Steve. I am sure your content would be very much appreciated. Vera’s content is cherished here as is Reinhard’s and Irene’s and several other providers :slight_smile:

NataMaria is right. Lessons are considered as taken as soon as someone opens it. No matter if they study it or not.

Hi, you three,

thank you for clarification! I’m relieved to hear that I do not have to record my reading and listening times in order to support the providers!

@NataMaria: Yes, I’m German. I planned to support the community by tutoring and creating content but at the moment I have only littly time and I found out that points expire after some weeks. As I’m still a beginner of Portuguese and I would like to learn more basics first before start writing and speaking, I could not use my points at the moment. But I’ll keep that in mind and maybe in some weeks think this over again!


Thanks Kathi for your concern with the content providers, namely me. I have also wondered what the purpose of Times Listened and Times Read is, if it is for the learner’s control, I often forget to select them, it would be good if they incremented automatically each time we listen to a lesson or read it.


@Fernanda: Times Listened and Times Read is for the learner’s statistic.

Thanks, Vera!