Points expiration system at LingQ

I have a opinion.

I need a reminder to give notice points expiration.
I didn’t know exactly when my points would expire, but suddenly they were gone.
It is inconvenient for me not to have a reminder.

On Login - LingQ you can see when you got points. For instance, yesterday I had a look at my points, of which my earliest “addition” (probably still in use) was in November, so I decided to submit something I wrote (for roughly the same amount). I assume “old” points are taken first, so that what I have now (about the same I got in the beginning of January) won’t expire in another ~60 days.

Hi Pammy,

You have 90 days from when you receive points to use them up. We will look at what we can do to make the status of your points more clear but in the meantime you will have to monitor your points yourself. 90 days is a long time. Book your conversations ahead of time and make sure you meet your writing targets. Then your points won’t expire. Our goal in doing this isn’t to take your points; our goal is to motivate you to be more active on the site so you improve faster.

well, I lost a lot of points too… I suspected I was about to loose some of them, but I’ve been very, very, VERY busy since I came back from vacation, and so I couldn’t do too much to avoid this… I’m not that upset, because I have earned a lot of points by content last year, but a reminder would be really nice…