Points calculation

To whom it may concern,

I became your PREMIUM member yesterday, and obtained 7500 monthly points (actually, it was 0 point when I became the PREMIUM member but it seems it has been adjusted by Mark according to the points transaction in my account).
And, now, I have a difficulty in understanding your point system.

Today, I registered one course, which says the course will cost 4000 points or $40, so, I assumed the points remained would be 3500 points but actually 5498 points are remained in my account. I would like to know how it happens.

At the same time, I saw the points transactions, as I thought it would help my understanding, but I couldn’t understand the meaning of the items written below:
-4000.00 Course fee
-500.00 Conversation attendance charge for 15 minutes at 2009-09-18 18:15:00
-500.00 Conversation attendance charge for 15 minutes at 2009-09-11 18:15:00
-500.00 Conversation attendance charge for 15 minutes at 2009-09-04 18:15:00
-500.00 Conversation attendance charge for 15 minutes at 2009-08-28 18:15:00
1998.00 Course writing credit (x4)
2000.00 Course conversation credit (x4)
7500.00 Balance adjustment by mark

I do understand the “Course fee” which I believe, would be charged for the course that I registered this time, but, I don’t understand the meanings of other items. For examples, why the conversation charge is double-charged? I believe the conversation charges are included in the “course fee”. I don’t understand the items of “Course writing credit” and “Course conversation credit”, too. Could you kindly tell me your points calculation system?

Thank you in advance.


HI Ciel,

It is a bit confusing because the courses were made to fit our existing system of payment for writing and conversations. What happens is that when you buy a course, you are given back the number of points you need to sign up for 4 conversations (Course conversation credit) and to submit 4 writings (Course writing credit). Then, the points for the conversations are instantly deducted again and you are left with the points for your 4 writing submissions. When you submit writing these points will be deducted. Of course, the points when you write will probably not work out exactly to the number shown. The amount you are charged for each submission depends on how many words you write.

Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for your quick response and explanation.
I think I understand the system. Maybe, this explanation should be reflected in the “Help (general Q&A)” as I assume many of your member would have difficulty in understanding it.
Thanks again for your help.