Points automatically awarded to the first corrector?

I have just corrected the first Italian Exchange request I’ve ever seen since you launched this page, and, to my surprise, all the available points have been automatically awarded to me and the request has been marked as “completed”.
Are points automatically awarded to the first corrector after the latest update? I am happy I have received my points right away, but what if the poster doesn’t like a correction? If I hadn’t corrected any mistakes, I would still have received the points, if I understand it correctly. Or if another corrector had provided a worse correction but had clicked on “submit” before I did, s/he would have received all the points and my effort would have been vain. Am I missing something?
Any explanations would be welcome,

This happens with privat requests only because you are the only one who is able to correct it.

I didn’t notice any mention of that request being private…

@mikebond - It should mention at the bottom of the request whether it is an Open Request, Closed Request or Private Request.

I know that, Alex. Just in that case I hadn’t notice any “Closed request” message. Does the chosen corrector not see it?

@mikebond - Ah, you’re right. It only shows this for others. We’ll see what we can do to make this a bit more obvious to the corrector.

Oh, I see. So, I’m not definitely blind! It would be good if you could do something to improve this and remove any doubts. By the way, I didn’t receive any alert for this request, although I did choose to receive alerts for requests Italian and other languages on my Account settings, and I did receive alerts for open requests in other languages. Are e-mail alerts only sent for open requests and not for private ones?

@mikebond - No, there appear to be some issues with our messaging system, and some notifications don’t seem to be getting sent properly. In the meantime please check your Timeline for these notifications.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.