Podcasts missing from iTunes store

It seems when I subscribe to SwedishLingQ and FrenchLingQ through iTunes, most of the podcasts aren’t actually available to download, but rather only the later ones. Is there any way that iTunes can access the older ones as well, without having to manually download them through the library? In the case of FrenchLingQ, currently only podcasts #73 to #81 are available.

Hi Chris,

I’ve now changed those podcasts to display the 50 most recent episodes so that you should now be able to see up to 50 episodes. It may take a while for itunes to update their feed but you can go to the blog page and subscribe there instead. ie. frenchlingq.com, swedishlingq.com.

Great, thanks a lot Mark!

LingQ podcasts are free, so why not to allow learners to see all episodes of all podcasts in iTunes? I think it would be very convenient. Manual downloading of podcasts is very boring process. The same can be said about searching for a certain episode.

If it would be possible to have them all listed, that would be really handy. Else latecomers won’t be able to download the earliest podcasts when the number exceeds 50.

pssshhhh… you guys are soooo needy

Please forgive me :frowning:

Actually, 50 is the maximum number that can be shown…someday we hope to have an RSS feed for each collection in the library…we’ll try to have all episodes in the feed at that time.