Podcast sites - asking for permission

Do we, or should we, have a standard LingQ permission-seeking request (in all languages) to ask permission of content providers to transcribe their podcasts and share their audio within the LingQ community ?

That is an excellent idea Jamie. We can have one and people can always adapt them to their needs. Do you want me to draft something? Maybe people have samples they have used?

The other questions is where to keep this. I guess we will put it into the LingQcentral blog.

I was actually just wondering the same thing. I’ve been listening to the slowgerman.com podcast to help with my german as the speed and content is perfect for where I’m at right now. I’d be more than happy to edit out the intro/outro remarks and upload the audio and text onto LingQ if I could get permission from them.

@ocius: Unfortunately slowgerman didn’t allow us to import and share content. I asked last year for permission. But you can import it for your own use without sharing.

Hm, I write in different ways depending on the owner of the content. I try to personalize my writing.

By the way I think some people didn’t read the common licences of some contents carefully. A lot of the licences didn’t allow commercial use. So if we want to use those contents for LingQ we have to ask. LingQ is a commercial website. It doesn’t matter that people don’t have to pay for it. My experience is that some will give permission and some not if I explain that LingQ offer the content for free.

Also you have to make sure that the licence is mentioned on LingQ! I suggest to ask the owner in which way he want to be mentioned. That is what I always do.

Of course everyone would be free to modify each request as they see fit. But I think a standard template of some sort would have a couple of important benefits :-

  1. It makes it easier for the LingQ user to request permission. This I’m sure would mean more people would do it - especially lazy people like me. I don’t really want to use brain power each time I do this.

  2. The template would cover things that not everyone would think of if writing it from scratch - e.g. offering to make transcriptions available (I know this has been appreciated by the owners of some of the podcasts at LingQ). Small things like that could make all the difference in getting the permission.

Where do we put this? Do you want me to make a draft?

Vera, could you share a few samples of letters that you have written?

Steve, I could do this after my holiday. Now I’m short in time.

No problem Vera. I will put something together. In any case we should wait until the site problems are settled.

Steve, a draft would be good. I guess for now it could be stored in the same location as the podcast directory, as you suggest. Maybe later, when there’s time, it could somehow be incorporated into the LingQ site itself.

I guess it would be easiest just to put it in the forum, people who search for something like that can easily find it there.