Please, share your most impressive stuff on English

  1. I have listened Steve’s podcast “Improve Your English Skill by Writing, Part 5”. It turns out that I don’t know how to write explicitly, logically and clearly even in Russian (my mother tongue)! O, my God! As soon as possible I must apply CLEAN English rules to CLEAN Russian writing!

  2. At ABC Radio National I am studying podcast ‘Your Irrational Mind’. Absolutely amazing behavior economist’s interview about irrational human nature. There is transcript. Look in, you will not be sorry for it.

  3. An article (podcast-monologue) about how incorrect usage of scientific terms affects on our social life. Link: ABC Radio National . At first it may seem somewhat boring, but be patient. With transcript.

  4. And finally may be the most dramatic, exiting, emotive video cast (transcript not available, but very intelligible speaking): neuro-anatomist tell her story about hemorrhagic stroke “from within”. Awesome first-hand account. Link:


The Australian podcasts are great. Do you want to email ABC to see if you can share these items and more of their material in our library. We do not have much Australian content, and the subject matter is of great interest. You can earn the points if you are the one to upload them. Become a provider!!

OK, Steve. Although I never did that, I’ll try to ask them for the permission.

For all those still want to try video cast Nb 4 from list in the first post: in the middle of the link after words "…jill_bolte_tayl " it is necessary to delete the blank. There must be “…jill_bolte_taylor_s_…” etc.

Hi Folio,
What a great resource, thanks! Hopefully you’ll receive the permission and share ABC’s items.

Which of these contents impressed on you most of all?

Today I have received the last e-mail of my correspondence with ABC.

Here it is :

“… Thank you for your email.

Please continue to enjoy using the ABC content from the ABC website, if there is any content which you feel would help other students and should be included on the Lingq website, then do contact Lingq and suggest that they might like to license the material so it can remain available for other Lingq subscribers to enjoy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me again if I can be of assistance.

Kindest regards…”