Please remove the limit of lessons from display in the Lessons Feed

Here’s the steps that I need to do in order to see all the lessons:

  1. I go to my lessons feed
  2. I click on the lesson I want from the “Continue Studying” window
  3. I click the … and select “share”
  4. I copy the URL of the lesson
  5. I open the URL in a new tab
  6. I click the lesson I want that was previously not loaded into the list

Can it please be changed to load more lessons? You just need to paginate the results if it’s more than X number of lessons, then every time the user gets to the bottom of the lesson result (the page), you load X more lessons, until all are loaded.

Here is an example lesson: Login - LingQ

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Under the continue studying tab, you can click on View All to show expanded view, then you can sort by course, open the last lesson you were studying from that course and then just move on to the next lesson. Does that help to speed things up if you are not sure what lesson you are looking for in a course?

Thanks Zoran, that’s sufficient for now

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If I am in a lesson and click “lesson info” and “view course,” there is currently no way to view all the lessons from there, only lessons 1-25. There is even a drop down menu that has “all lessons” as a viewing options, but does not actually allow you to view all lessons. Very misleading. There are many reasons why someone would want to pick a particular lesson out of the entire list in the course. While your directions do allow you to view all lessons, it is very unintuitive and unnecessary that one must go back to the homepage in order to view all the lessons in a course.

We will look into it. Thanks!