Please make notes visible in hint pop-up box

In Lingq ios version 4 the hint pop-up box displayed my notes. Pretty useful. Pretty obvious.

But since ios version 5.0 was released, the hint pop-up box no longer displays my notes. Nor does it indicate whether any notes exist. To view my notes I am required to navigate from the hint pop-up box to the edit screen (see screenshots below).

It sounds like a minor point, but when you have to do it dozens of times a day it becomes an unnecessary hassle and irritation.

Please fix!

Screenshot 1: hint pop up box:

Screenshot 2: edit screen:



I can imagine this is really annoying for you. I remember it being discussed during the beta and the powers that be said that this notes feature is used by only a very small minority of users which is why it is being hidden like this. Hopefully some more customization of the reader will be added so things like this can be shown by default for users that want it.


All you need to do is to swipe the yellow popup up to extend it, and then you’ll see notes. I don’t think anything will change there for now.

Hi Zoran, that’s precisely the problem.

And because the extended pop up takes up the whole screen you then have to close down the extended screen in order to continue reading the lesson. And you still have to go through this rigmarole to check whether a saved note even exists, because the initial popup screen gives no indication of this. For those who use the “notes” function, reading each saved lingq has gone from a 1-step process to a 3-step process.

In practice of course, this makes the “notes” field completely impractical.

Current workaround is to save personal notes as an additional translation (the initial popup box can display up to 3) but prefaced with the word “note” so other users know to disregard it.

Still, my suggestion would be that if a user has saved a note, display it at the bottom of the initial popup screen as per Lingq v4. Those who don’t use the “notes” field would be completely unaffected.


I agree that we should be able to see the notes. An alternative would be to have a tiny icon appearing in the text whenever there is a note. The note itself could be displayed by hovering on the word or phrases. I have seen this function on several e-readers and find it very convenient.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will see what we can do.