Please let us know when you change something

You guys made a change to the library, and it took some effort for me to find my current Japanese lesson. In fact, I’m still confused about how to find my private lessons. I used to go to learn>my lessons, and everything was there. How about posting an explanation of what was changed, and how we can find things? Also, in the future please let us know what was done proactively.

Well, when you see the same cat twice, that’s when you know they changed something,

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In the four-dimensional space?

Hi Wulfgar, I am not quite sure what exactly are you confused with. You should still be able to find lessons you’ve used at My Lessons page. Your private imported lessons are still on My Import Page.

"It appears that a year ago, I put the money in there to hide it, and then completely forgot about it. Still, I have no memory of it. "
Are you really sure that you in the present are entitled to use the money that belonged to you in the past?

No they aren’t. They are now only listed under “my imports”. Now I open “my lessons” and I get a ton of junk that I may have at some time opened, but previously archived or deleted out of that page. So, what did you change, or are you just going to continue calling this paying member confused?

We haven’t changed anything recently on My Lessons page. Sorry about this issue. Would you try to open My Lessons Page, then select courses on the left to reduce number of displayed results, and to delete them again to check if they will reappear?

I had never thought about that! I’m not sure though if I will be able to give the money back to past Colin, so maybe I should just keep it.

Actually, maybe I will use the money to help pay for my student loan. That is all past Colin’s debt anyway.

You know, if past Colin was stupid enough to stick 650 Euros in a book and then forget about it, then he doesn’t deserve the cash.

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