Please improve the notes function (especially on mobile)

I use the notes function quite a lot and I find it doesn’t work very well in its current form.

The main problem I have with it is that the notes section is completely hidden from view on mobile. You have to use a dropdown menu to make it appear even AFTER a note has been added. If I didn’t know it was there, I wouldn’t find it.

And that’s when the second problem occurs: notes are impossible to see once they are created since there is no icon next to the word and no section on the app or the website listing all the notes a user has created. How am I supposed to remember which words have notes attached to them weeks/months after they have been created?

Notes should at least be displayed next to the words and tags in the vocabulary section.

I hope you’ll consider improving this feature eventually.



I think you are going to be disappointed. The massive overhaul of the website and apps earlier this year led to notes being hidden by default. I think the powers that be said that it was because very few users actually use this functionality. Given this fact, it’s unlikely much will be done to improve notes.

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That’s a shame and I hope they reconsider this eventually. Giving the user the option to show or hide them would be a smarter move. Not everyone uses Lingq in the same way.

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Thanks for your feedback. At the moment we don’t have in plans to make any changes there, but we’ll add this request on the list and see if we can do something about it in future.


Thanks Zoran. This would be great.