Please identify language?

Would anyone know what language this is, and translation?

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Where did you find this? That might help narrow it down.

This definitely sounds like porn


This is a recording of a person in trance state. It seems to me the person is seeing/feeling something beautiful or unbelievable. The language is foreign to her in awakened state… Trying to figure out if the language or sound is an actual language or made-up sounds expressed from her unconsciousness.

At first I thought it might be Japanese. Can cross that off the list.

It doesn`t sound like a real language to me. Fake mumble-jumble?

I thought it sounded like an incantation or something along those lines, but I was hesitant to lead off with that. Good to know. My vote is for gibberish.

Did you record this in the US, or is she located in the US? If it’s not gibberish, narrowing down where she is would be the best way of figuring it out, but I suspect it’ll all come to the same conclusion.

that’s interesting you mentioned it sounded like incantation, because as she speaks, she makes fluid hand gestures that I would say are similar to Indian mudras, but I’m no expert. Is there a culture or language that speaks and use elaborate hand/bodily gestures at the same time? She’s a young adult from the U.S, no Middle Eastern or Indian history or ancestry. These episodes happen when she’s in an altered state through certain mediums such as hypnotherapy, taking edibles, or more recently, when I played a Vedic chanting, it suddenly triggered her. Could this be one of many Indian languages? (Supposedly, there are 19,500 languages or dialects spoken in India?) I’ll post another recording, this is a more masculine energy and sound coming from her as well… If you guys are unable to identify it, I’ll conclude it as gibberish for now. Thanks!

I don’t know what she’s speaking but in Benny Shanon’s book on DMT, he recounts going to a tribe that practices a syncretic Christian/native religion that purports to speak in Hebrew (like a speaking in tongues kind of thing) when under the influence of ayahuasca. Shanon witnessed the ceremony, and since he is a native Hebrew speaker, he affirmed what they were speaking was definitely not Hebrew, but that they seemed to be speaking something that could plausibly be a language for someone listening… I think this is just what happens when people are under certain types of trances or deliriums. I don’t think they can actually speak a language if they haven’t been exposed to it.

I myself once bumped into someone who purported to be touched by some religious influence and started making sounds he said were Hebrew (given to him by the spirits I guess.) Since I have actually studied Hebrew I knew that what he was saying was gibberish. Or at least, it had nothing to do with Hebrew, but maybe it would fool some gullible people.

Didn’t you notice she’s mumbling the same sounds again here, though the tone is different? If you take the repetition of many sounds she uses, it doesn´t sound as a coherent language, because it´s thrown here and there apparently in a random way, like “ka”, “shite”, and “a”, “o”, etc. About the comment of sounding Japanese, that may be the reason, because of those sounds are present in Japanese. Even one of the sounds sounded like “OKASHITE”, which means “FUCK ME” in Japanese and one of the reasons of my sarcasm, besides the luscious tone, which doesnt sound as an incantation AT ALL to me. If this is not purposeful theatrical drama by her, then her unconscious sounds dirty or my perception is dirty, because there are some sounds that even resemble "fuck" and "cock", etc which is even more conspicous if she is a native English speaker. Who said everything that comes from the unconscious is sacred? People have to stop being naive about pseudo-esoterism. Even if someone enters a trance state, it doesnt mean she will produce meaningful experiences and a lot of dirt is stored in each one of us…but I believe this is beyong the scope of this forum. As for language, my opinion is , just gibberish. Why don`t you try some of the lots of AI sound tech to see if they can identify the " language"?

I´m more inclined to believe in theater or self-suggestion to produce a delusional state where one believes to be mumbling something meaningful, but it`s just mambo-jambo…


it kinda sounds like Mayan languages…

It’s good to have a healthy dose of skepticism, but I think it’s pretty genuine. She’s freaked out by it and thinks she’s possessed, but that’s because she has an American frame of reference. From an outsider’s perspective, there seems to be thematic elements to the expressions. I only showed you clips because they are long, but it began with that masculine tone, then there was a display of deep anguish/struggle, then silence (death?), with deliberate physical prostration (surrender/acceptance?), and then rebirth?..followed by that feminine tone that seems airy and blissful… I’m more inclined to think it’s maybe from her past or past-life trauma that’s re-enacting in her unconscious state. I know this is pretty esoteric and will move on from here, but was just trying to throw this out in a language forum to see if you linguists out there could possibly identify the language/culture, or as Miriam said, that these expressions just happen when people are in a state of trance/delirium. However, even though it may not be meaningful to us, it may mean something to her, probably symptomatic of something going on inside her that hopefully she can figure out