Please, help me to recognize the language

Hello! Can anybody help me to recognize the language that is used in the song? I thought it’s Latin but I’m not sure. On YouTube someone wrote it’s Hebrew but it’s not.

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Definitely not Latin.

Sure not Latin. No idea about the language.

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Oh :frowning: Anyway thanks for reply!

I think it is Romanian

Looks as though it is Hebrew language. I was able to interpret almost everything by using regular translator after I had converted all words into Hebrew language.

Werewolf. He’s speaking werewolf.

starting from 1mn, it’s English :slight_smile:
sure it’s not latin language !

Hm… an Isralian man on Facebook wrote it’s 100% not Hebrew. Unfortunately I don’t know Hebrew and can’t check it.
I just want to get readable lyrics. Well, now I see it’s not an easy question! Anayway I’m searching for too long, I’m not sure it’s worth it. Now I began to think they just made it up to troll people like me.

As far as I’m concerned it’s not Romanian. But the singer is Romanian by nationality. Maybe this fact can explain similarity between the language in the song and Romanian.
Well, now I began to think it’s not real language but just a set of sounds resembling at the same time Romanian, Hebrew and whichever.

You gave me hope! So I’ve just searched werewolf dictionary! xDD But I’ve not found there any words used in the song :frowning:
(Maybe because of my poor searching skills and it’s in fact Werewolf)

Hey, maybe it’s igpay atinlay!

All joking aside, here’s what we know:

The person who posted the lyrics says “i write them by ear,” but “those are not romanian or latin.” So when he (or she) put “Latin” in the video title, he apparently meant Latinate, i.e. Romanized syllables, not the Latin language.

Here are the Romanized “words” as he hears them:

no so yo tor
e ro re sai
e re sa re de ca e ma ron
yo ro re se
yo o re da ra
sa yo se re cara
yo bo re so
yo ma ra ra
so yo care re ne mar o
yo ve le tai
yo so le po ro
toy yo sor re ci rai

One person claims it’s Albanian, another that it’s Hebrew, another that it’s Old Hebrew (that is to say, Biblical Hebrew) which is translated into English in the other part of the song.

But if you listen closely, the next set of unidentified non-English lyrics are not the same as the first set. So he has only actually “Latinized” the first section of the song.

If it were truly Hebrew, someone would be able to provide at least a few actual Hebrew words in Hebrew script with Romanized syllabication and/or pronunciation and a translation into English, for example:

האור ha or
the light

So until that happens, I wouldn’t accept anyone’s claim of knowing anything.

Probably the only way you’ll ever find out for sure what the lyrics are or what they mean (if they mean anything at all) or whether it’s an actual language is to contact the band and ask them.

Oh no, wait…
Yeah, I was able to interpret almost everything by using regular translator after I had converted all words into werewolf language. You believe me, don’t you?


Thanks a lot for your post!

Yes, I’ve noticed that the first non-English part isn’t the same as the second. When I saw people claim with confidence it’s Hebrew I spent the whole day just listening to actual Hebrew language and trying to find anything similar in the song. I haven’t succeed but I’m not a linguist or polyglot or speaker of anything besides my poor English and native Russian.

Yes, yesterday I wrote to one man just like you suggest. I found a man that has a connection with the band and is in good terms with them. I messaged him and he answered. He answered me that it’s Atila language (Atila is the name of singer). And none except Atila himself really speaks the language :slight_smile:

P.S: anyway, now I became interested in Hebrew. I’m absolutely non-religious person but I liked the way it looks and sounds. Also the thought about hidden meanings in Bible that cannot be translated and are obvious only in original language is very intriguing.

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Well cool, Neilana. I’m glad you found your answer. You should definitely post what you found out in the video comments, if you haven’t already. At least now we know it’s not werewolf. — Or is it?
Let’s call it Аттилалепет or Attilasprache.

I’ve also read the bible and some Hebrew text so I can better understand the mythology, especially the ways the gods and heroes and characters are named (at least two chief gods named in the bible, אל‎ El and יהוה Yahweh or Jehovah), but I’m non-religious as well. In fact reading the bible is what made me a non-believer. But I still find comparative mythology interesting. I also find the large numbers of people who put faith in ancient mythological and pseudepigraphical texts by unidentified authors troubling to say the least. But that’s a whole nother subject.

Yeeeah, fellows on YouTube! I’ve almost forgotten about them. I really like your suggestions about the language name. Maybe I should write one more time to that friend of Powerwolf with recommendation to name it Аттилалепет :slight_smile:

I agree, it’s interesting not as religious instructions but as mythology. And that’s definitely completely another topic to discuss.

Thanks a lot for your replies and nice conversation!

It’s troglodyte speech. You can’t understand it. For those willing to decipher, notice how there’s only three main vowels, “a”, “e”, and “o”, with very few "i"s. That might help. Go to this website, WALS Online - Feature 2A: Vowel Quality Inventories and find the languages with “small vowel inventories.” Find the troglodyte language. Good luck.


As a Hebrew speaker, that is 100% not Hebrew.

I’m glad you’ve sorted it. Also glad that you brought them to my attention! I really like them.

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The language in the music video is definitely (100 %) not Latin nor any other language I have studied. It could be Ladino or an artificial language similar to Esperanto, but it’s definitely (100 %) not Esperanto.

It’s not ladino either.