Please help me fix the streak

Hi Zoran, I accidentally lost the streak yesterday, could you help me on this?
Thank you.

Sure, no problem. Fixed!

Hi Zoran, I also accidentally lost my streak yesterday, is there a chance you could you help me fix this? Many thanks!

@kjberg Sure, fixed.

Hi Zoran, this has been a busy week and I once again lost my streak yesterday, and I don’t have enough coins to fix it. Is there a chance you could you help me fix this? I understand if you can’t but just wanted to check. Many thanks!

@kjberg Fixed! :slight_smile:

Hi, I wasn’t aware that you’re able to fix streaks. I lost my 83 day streak the other day in which I was 7 days shy of completing the streak with steve challenge. Is it too late to have it repaired? I had a lot of paperwork to do that day and I thought I had the coins to repair it but I cant see how many coins I have.

@drkice I fixed your streak.

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Hi Zoran, I just lost my 97 streak yesterday. Can you please get it back to keep me motivated?

@othmaneboumediane Sure, fixed.

Thank you!

Thank you!

I lost my 5XX streak. Could you please help me fix it. Thanks.

@gn00260418 Fixed.