Please esplain the meaning of the following

after that you are on your own.

One of the options in your dictionary at LingQ is google translate

If you speak Hindi I suggest you use it.

यह आप स्वयं ही कर रहे हैं के बाद

of course i have used this dictionary before posting this thread.But the sentence really looks different from the translation suggested by google translate.That why i asked.

Anyways thanks for the explanation.

The google translate gets confused when the sentence has ambiguous syntax. You have to help it with commas sometimes. Try this one:
after that, you are on your own
I think you will get a better result :wink:

Google translate can be very unreliable. I would only use it if I felt somewhat competent in both languages. I’ve seen meaningless jibberish posted online that I would only guess was the result of someone using a “translating” program who wasn’t familiar with one of the languages.

Especially when dealing with idiomatic language. However, I’ve noticed that Google Translate is “learning” to translate some idioms, at least from Russian to English.

After that
you are on your own=
you must rely on only yourself
nobody will help you
you need to continue alone
Good luck!!! =]

thnks kegps for such a nice reply

I find google translate very reliable for phrases, less useful for longer paragraphs. It is my default dictionary for Portuguese and Russian and works just fine.

okay steve.thanks