Please enable dictation test entry to be mouse free

Please consider the feature to add keyboard shortcut in order to enter dictation words and not have to use use the mouse

Currently I can press TAB to hear the dictation.
But,then I have to use the mouse to click on the line
Type in the word
Then I can use the right arrow key to go to the next word

Providing a method to use just the keyboard would signficantly increase the ability to practice more words rather than have to use the mouse or tablet every time to click on the line to type again.

Normally design is that the TAB key should switch amongst the control of the window
And then use the spacebar for a special control such as playing the sound when the focus is on Play Audio

Thank-you for considering this addition,


Hi @johnbnine, Thanks for reporting this. I see what you mean. We will take a look into it!

Thank-you for adding this feature. I can practice dictation much quicker now without finger fatigue!

@johnbnine - :slight_smile: You are welcome! Happy LingQing!