Please downgrade my account


I have barely been using LingQ recently (I have had a lot going on in life) and will not be needing LingQ for the near future and so I do not want my annual subscription to renew on the 26th May.

The website makes it so difficult to cancel. If I’d have known how hard it would be, I don’t know if I’d have signed up in the first place. I don’t want a reduced price, lifetime or to back up my data. When I got to the end and asked to delete all my data, it won’t go on any further. I just want to cancel the subscription, and if I must delete my data to do this, then go ahead and do that.

I may be back one day (although the hassle you are making me go through just to cancel is seriously making me wonder whether I will) but I can’t see myself needing LingQ for a while, hence don’t want to keep paying to keep my data backed up.

Thanks for your help.

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No problem, we have just manually canceled your subscription and your account will drop to the Free level after your current paid period expires.
Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.