Please delete my Polish stats

Because one of my Polish lesson was counted as millions of words of reading I decided to remove my Polish and start over.

Unfortunately it did not disappear from it :confused: could you please help me with this? It says I’ve read 27 words but keeps showing those annoying millions in the graph.

I checked your Polish stats and seems like it did reset properly. Can you give it another look?

I just checked the Web version now and it was okay there, so I uninstalled the app and installed it again and it seems that helped. Thank you, Zoran.

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I think words of reading on here is useless. It’s extremely bloated unless you are very serious from the beginning about making sure it’s 1x after you finish, sometimes when I finish lessons it’l say I’ve read it 2, 3, 5 times, and also counts videos you import where the subtitles from youtube are almost all gibberish that you might only listen to and not even read.