Please check my translation of these 3 German sentences

Can you tell me if I’m saying these right?
Er gerne schokolade essen.
Er muss an Hersey, Pennsylvania gehen.
Dann ißt er hundert schokoreigel.

(I’m trying to say "He likes to eat chocolate. He has to go to Hersey, Pennsylvania. Then he eats a hundred chocolate bars.)


Hello Chalkbrd!

If you’d like someone to correct your texts, you have to submit them to a German tutor for some points (that’s one of the rules of Lingq).

But as these sentences are very short, I’ll give you the corrections this single time:

  1. Er isst gern(e) Schokolade
  2. Er muss nach Hersey in Pennsylvania gehen.
  3. Dann isst er hundert Schokoriegel (really??)



Danke, Frank. I sent you some points for helping me. I was in a huge hurry for these and the translation corrections often take days for results.

By the way, just to clarify, I WILL send these in as well for the correction to make sure I’m following LingQ’s rules. It was just a situation where I needed them very fast.

I’m pretty sure there is no “rule” for asking for corrections in the forum. You may get responses from generous people, like il melomane, or you could be ignored, just the same as if you went elsewhere to get your texts corrected. Submitting to a tutor guarantees a quality and in depth correction including the categories of types of errors you made as well as updates to your stats. This is what you pay for. For short texts like this I’m pretty sure people would be more than happy to correct them for you on the forum.

@Chalkbrd-Dann isst er hundert Schokoriegel… Ohhhhhhhhhh!