Please check my student's pronunciation

I’m PC instructor and teach mostly PC skills to my students. I also teach English to some of my students. I play nativie speakers’ recording with my comuter and the students repeat it again and again.
One of my students named Manami debuts on Youtube. Please check the video and her pronunciation. Please leave your comment for her.
Thank you.

sorry I forget to write the url of video on Youtube.

Sorry for my frankness. I do have trouble figuring out that she is in fact speaking English.

I listened to the recording a few more times and tried to figure out what went wrong. I think her intonation was good, but she could hardly get any pronunciation correct.

How long had she been practicing? What kind of feedback did you give her?


For what it is worth, I am not really in favour of asking students to speak or record their pronunciation too early. Let them take the language in, listening and reading and enjoying. There is no hurry to speak. There is a danger in talking too early, when the influence of the native language is still too strong, and there is no need.

Let your student become more familiar with the language.

What I found positive in her pronunciation is what Edwin referred to. She made an effort to follow English intonation. That is good, and she should keep on doing so. But there is no real need to record herself. In a way it is better not to hear that her pronunciation is different from the native. She can imitate and think that she sounds just like the native. Eventually she will be closer to the native speaker, and at that time she should record herself.