Please check for me

can someone check for me if the text “My language adventure part 2, High school” with this writing and grammar errors?

Do you have a specific question? As a general rule I strongly advise against questioning any text that has been written by a native speaker of the language you are learning. Chances are it is normal usage.

If the usage is not normal or incorrect, you will soon come across many more examples of the correct usage, so that a few examples of incorrect usage will leave no lasting impression. So just continue listening and reading and don’t worry about it is usually my advice.

However, if you have noticed specific errors that you would like corrected, please let us know.

The phrase “both languages” actually fits the text. The previous sentences read, “I studied two languages there, German and English. German was my first foreign language […] English was only once a week…Fortunately, for both languages we had…”

I take it all back. This collection is not written by a native speaker,and while it may have been corrected,and recorded by a native speaker, it is still not natural English. I do not recommend studying this collection and I propose we remove it from the library.

Oh, the misspelling? I thought you were referring to the usage of the phrase “for both languages” in the text rather than pointing out the misspelling of the word “language.”

We took a closer look at this lesson and the other lessons in the collection and decided that it isn’t ideal content for our Library, as there are still a fair amount of errors, grammatical and otherwise.

It would be best if content published in each language is written by native speakers so that it contains natural diction and a native-like fluidity from one thought/sentence to the next.

Thanks everyone, I am a beginner and had some mistakes in these texts.

find text is too bad that we have errors because we are studying do not really know what it is right or wrong, then we learned wrong.