Please add the option that blue words don't move to known words when lesson finished

I usually manage the words manually using keyboard shortcut with all options disable
Frequently, I encounter the word that I can’t understand though I look at a dictionary or the unknown word that comes from proper name, for example person name contains meaning word.
At that time, I move such words to LingQs.
I don’t like this behavior because It is troublesome and takes a long time. and It adds no meaning phrase.
I want that word to remain blue words though lesson get finished.
in short, I want to manage words fully manually.
I suggest a new option that blue words don’t move to known words when lesson finished.

Yeah or something similar. The only time I want blue words to automatically go to known, is if I was already doing that on every page turn. If I have “paging moves to known” off, and I’ve still got blue words, and I click complete, I would actually prefer to get an error message.

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