Please add greek!

Please add greek!

Ancient or modern Greek? I wish both were available one day…

modern greek!

btw interesting how people always think of ancient greek, it’s like if someone mentions english people don’t go “oh, old, middle english or modern english?” btw middle/old english sounds epic

(he starts reading it a little after 3:00)

Well, it is much more common to study ancient Greek than modern Greek, at least in Italy. Moreover, I think that ancient Greek is much more beautiful!

well, there are many tv shows/channels n stuff and an entire country that speaks modern greek. The only reasons I could fathom that someone would want to learn ancient greek is maybe to also wear an indiana jones hat and impress chicks, or read the illiad/other ancient greek works in their original, oh and yeah- the bible- though greek definitely wasn’t the original language that it was written in.

Please add x seems futile.

They’re supposedly working on something wherein all languages are going to be beta languages. I highly doubt they’re going to add a full language before they finish that.

Yuriy, the New Testament was actually written in Greek. Ancient Greek is the language of the first Western thinkers (Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles and so on). It’s a language that broadens your mind.
Of course, if you only want to understand the present Greek culture, you need to learn modern Greek.
Anyway, Sol is right… let’s wait and see what possibilities LingQ will offer us in the next few months (see the thread “availability of Dutch”).

“Yuriy, the New Testament was actually written in Greek”

  • looked it up in wikipedia, indeed you are correct sir!