Playlists - problems

I know there are already a few threads with problems with the playlists, but they do not cover all my problems.

I have the following issues:

  1. Active Playlist seems to be a random collection of lessons and definitely not the lessons I added to this playlist. What happened to that playlist?
  2. There seems to be a new playlist “past lessons”. What is the purpose of this playlist and which tracks are added here?
  3. I noticed that lessons which I added at some (very long playlists) are not there anymore. Is there a limit of the number of lessons in one playlist?
  4. I am also asking about a limit, because I tried to replicate what I had in the active playlist in another new playlist. It seems to remove lessons which I added at the end. Is the playlist too long? I have playlists with a lot of short clips (only 2-3 minutes sometimes less) and I had therefore a lot of tracks in one playlist.

It is frustrating that there are currently so many issues with the playlists.


Hi @Jenna2708

  1. Completed lessons with audio get added automatically to the Active Playlist by default, completed lessons without audio can be only be added to playlists manually. It was working this way for many years (= it was a requirement to work this way). And as part of our ongoing playlist functionality enhancements, we’re introducing a new setting to give users control over this behavior (will be implemented in the nearest future, then you may decide to add completed lessons automatically to playlist or not).
  2. We want to limit the number of lessons in Active Playlist since most of them are added there automatically. We want to move old lessons out but still keep them in a separate list of Past Lessons. General idea is to limit the playlist to 50 lessons for new users, for existing users is still being discussed. When a user adds a 51st lesson to the Active Playlist, the 1st lesson they added (the oldest lesson in the Active Playlist) gets removed from the Active Playlist, it becomes the 1st lesson in a Past Lessons playlist.