Playlists linked to 'continue studying'?

Once I’ve finished reading a lesson that I particularly enjoyed, I always add it to a playlist for future listening practice. I’m sure that’s what most of us do.
A few days ago I noticed that my ‘continue studying’ space was becoming rather full, and so I went through it and deleted everything I no longer want to see (since I no longer actively study any of the material, just passively listen to the content in my playlist). I only want content in that section that I am actually going to study i.e. open the lesson and look up words. I find it very difficult to find the content I actually want to study when there are too many lessons there. I was horrified to discover though that this ‘tidying’ action deleted everything from my playlists! Literally everything. It took me forever to go back through and find and re-add to the playlists. Adding to the playlists re-added to ‘continue studying’ section, and it also zeroed the number of times I’d listened to each lesson.
I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the app do that before… in fact, I’m almost certain I used to be able to delete lessons from the ‘continue studying’ section and have them remain in my playlists. Am I wrong?

I’m now again struggling to find the content I actually want to study, because the ‘continue studying’ section is full of content I don’t study anymore.

Depending on whether this is intentional or not, this message is either a bug report or it’s a feedback request to have playlists unlinked with ‘continue studying’.

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Yes, that’s how it always worked, actually. We will look into it and see if we can make changes.

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Ah really? I’ll take your word for it… I obviously didn’t notice it when I first started using LingQ.

The other option would be to introduce an additional ‘studying’ section, something like ‘currently studying’ which is seperate from the playlists, and to which we can manually add and remove content (nothing automatically gets added or removed simply by opening it or listening to it)? Perhaps that would be easier to implement?

Thanks for looking in to it.

yes, it’s always been like that and I agree that is not fun. I like to keep my library clean as well but playlists are connected.

It would be better if those two things were separated.

However, I still have courses that I actually deleted from the library and they are still in the playlists and can’t be deleted. :slight_smile:

Definitely, either separated or a new dashboard introduced that we can keep nice and clean with only ‘actively studying’ lessons.

I am 100% sure I have removed things from the ‘continue studying’ section before and kept it in my playlists. Now I realise that this was probably a bug, but it remained my expectation until now. :smiley:

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