Playlists keep disappearing

For the second time in 2 weeks my playlists have disappeared. I just wake up in the morning and they are empty. I’ve tried logging out and back in and even reinstalling the app. The first time they all just said 0 so I re-added the tracks. The second time, they started out with the titles but said 0, but after I reinstalled the app the titles disappeared too.

iOS or Android? Can you find a pattern?

I am really sorry about this. Would you please let us know which app you are using? Android or iOS? Thanks!

Sorry, it’s an iphone. I haven’t been able to see a trend yet because it has only happened twice and I didn’t pay much attention the first time. This time I listened to one of the lists last night and this morning they were all gone.

Hi again,
The way playlists currently work is that they’re stored locally on the device. That means that If you log out of the app or delete the app and reinstall it, the playlists could disappear.
Did you log out from the app before that morning when you noticed that some playlists are missing?


No, I don’t log out of the app. Ironically, when I woke up this morning, the app had some issue overnight and had logged me out. When I logged back in, a new playlist that I made yesterday was still there and functional. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it happens again. I’m not sure of a pattern yet.

Ok, thanks for additional informations here! Be sure to let us know if you notice this issue again.

In the past, this happened to me so many times that I simply stopped making playlists.

Same here.

Hi guys,
As I’ve said in the post above “The way playlists currently work is that they’re stored locally on the device. That means that If you log out of the app or delete the app and reinstall it, the playlists could disappear.”. Did you log out or reinstaleld app before your playlists disappear?

No, I definitely did not log out or reinstall the app. However, the app does seem to log one out from time to time for no apparent reason. Still, I’ve lost playlists many times without that happening.

Thanks for your reply. We are not quite sure yet what could be wrong here. Would you all please try to create some playlists now and to let us know if they disappear again? But please be sure not to log out from app in the meantime.
Also, it would be great if you can notice are you doing anything specific while using app before playlists disappear.
Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate your help with this!

It just happened to be again. It is impossible to create a playlist and have it stay on the iphone.

I never log out of the app or reinstall. The playlists simply disappear for some reason.

It would be REALLY nice to have the playlists stay permanently until I want to delete them.

I would like to work with a set of lessons for a week and add them to a playlist. Then, in week 2, create a new list of lessons, etc. Then, occasionally I would like to go back and simply listen to the playlist for week 1.

I have tried this many times and it has never worked because of the deletion problem.

This is especially annoying if I am trying to listen to several hours of shorter lessons (eg, 5 min lessons) in a row. I can’t just play them. Every 5 minutes I have to open a new one on the app.

Worse, the app doesn’t show me what I recently listened to. It instead shows me the group of which the lesson belongs. So, lets say I listen to the aug 14th, 2014 lesson of an eko Moskvi series on my computer. When I go to the app it doesn’t show me the aug 14th 2014 lesson in the list. It shows me series heading and I have to search for which lesson I listened to. Half the time I don’t remember in my head which date of the series I listened to and I sit there spending lots of time trying to find what I listened to. It would be MUCH nicer just to have a simple list of what I listened to.

Also, the “my lessons” on the site also doesn’t work for me. It often shows stuff I have never listened too. It used to work perfectly for some reason it stopped awhile ago.

I’ll report this issues with iPhone app to our development team, and hopefully they will get it fixed soon.
I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks. Let me know if you need someone to test.

Just some info. I don’t think it is a logout issue. I switch back and forth all the time between safari and the lingq app. The lingq app remains open.

1 min ago when I switched back to lingq app it was reopening with the message “logging in”. I thought oh oh. There goes my playlist. However, after logging in the playlist was still there.

Just some more info to help troubleshoot:

Now all items from the playlists disappeared.

Just went to the app and got message “no internet connection” in the app (I did have a connection".

The items from playlist disappeared and the “my courses section was also completely wiped out”.

Hi everyone,
Just an update about this issue with playlist in iOS app.
We’re having trouble figuring this out, but will be making some updates to playlists in the next month that should hopefully improve things further.
Thanks for your patience!

Hello there - I know it has been a little while, but the IOS app should now be working as it has been upgraded in Itunes. If you’re still experiencing issues please let us know.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: