Playlists and Tags

Hi, I’m still getting familiar with the system so sorry for the dumb question(s).
I would like to know a little more about using Tags and Playlists. Are there any tutorials available that would provide some detail.
A couple of things I’d like to understand better:
Tags- once you tag groups of words can you then search by tags or test by tags (flash cards etc) or?
Playlists- Can you put an entire course in your own (created) playlist without adding each lesson in the course one at a time.


@Danno - You can review certain tagged lists by going to the Vocabulary page and selecting the tag on the right.

For playlists, it isn’t possible to add an entire course to a playlist at this time, but once you have the playlist completed you can also mark it as public to share it with others.

Thanks Alex - Once I created some tags they then showed up on the right.