Playing Audio on the Exchange

I made a recording request: Login - LingQ

It is not possible to play creimann’s recording on the Exchange page. There seems to be a small glitch.

I’ve to import it in order to listen to it.

Vera, I can only see pmilone’s and JerseyMark’s recordings.

@VeraI - I checked this and they all seem to play properly for me. Would you try again to see if you are still experiencing this same issue?

I don’t even see the play button for the recording. I’ve refreshed the page with the result that I now don’t see it for the other recordings too! But funny enough I see the play button for the French lesson below.

I guess it happens if the recordings were shown after pressing “Show all comments”. I use Firefox on Windows 7.

@VeraI - Looks like you’re right, it is an issue in Firefox. We will look at getting this fixed.