Playing audio issue

I’m not sure when it started, but for about a week now the audio playback on the site and app has not been right.
When you play a lesson, it sometimes decides to jump back a minute or two and play again. For instance, I play a 5 minute lesson, it plays fine until 2 minutes in, then jumps back to a minute into the lesson. If the lesson jumps back a minute, that minute will be cut off the end of the lesson.

This is happening with different wifi sources and 3g, and two different PCs. I wondered if anyone else was having this problem ? Or if it was known about.


Hmm, would you let us know which browser you’re using? Also, would you let us know if this is for a specific lesson/course, or if it seems to be happening for all lessons?

Using Chrome, the latest version on one pc, however Firefox on another pc. Also using the app on a Sony Z3. It didn’t happen all yesterday so perhaps it was a temporary glitch somewhere, it hasn’t happened all today either.

I’ll keep you posted.

OK, sounds good! It’s possible it was a temporary issue, though if you notice it again it’d be great if you would check the error console to see if any errors appear (you can do this so long as you don’t refresh the page).

Here’s a link on how to access the error console in different browsers: Using The Browser Error Console - Garden Gnome