"Platero y yo" de Juan Ramón Jiménez

Hello, friends!
I’ve just started to share this great lyric prose book using the content from the site AlbaLearning.com and I think this famous book could be interesting for those who really want to improve their knowledge of Spanish culture and literature:
AlbaLearning - Platero y yo
And I hope I will finish uploading it by the end of this week, but I’ve encountered a problem trying to add AlbaLearning as a provider. The only option I have is giving the title “Other” which is not good enough. Can anybody help me with that problem?
Do you have any suggestions about the material?

What about copyright? Do you have the permission from Alba, to import here audio in Lingq?
We need the OK, before we can import it. Not all free text and audio are allowed to import!
regards jolanda

Thanks, jolanda, I’ve unshared this collection and I’m waiting for the Alba’s reply.
On the other hand, this site is in one of the recommended resources…

I wish you success!

Well, I can’t share any material of Alba’s site according to the owner’s answer. That means that I’ll use these material on my own. The thread is closed.

Just asking for people who are wondering, will you share it with anyone who asks, or are you keeping it private? You can share private collections on LingQ now.

Are you sure that we can copyrighted lessons? I doubt it.

You’ve asked an interesting question, James, but I think SanneT is right, we can’t share copyrighted lessons.

You can now share Private lessons on LingQ by using the Share on LingQ feature. Keep in mind that you are only able to share private lessons with your friends on LingQ. See the announcement here: http://bit.ly/ma8M5R

Alex, there are private and private lessons. What about lessons that have a copyright on them? We do need to have a bit more guidance, I believe.

Lessons that are private and copyrighted shouldn’t be shared. In the case of copyrighted materials, individual members should go to the source of the content to import these materials into their own personal accounts.

Thank you for the prompt reply!

Actually… I don’t see why you shouldn’t share copyrighted lessons with your friends. It’s no different than copying and pasting an article from the web and sending it to a friend which I don’t think is against the law. As long as it isn’t posted somewhere I think it’s fine. I haven’t checked with a lawyer but i think it should be absolutely fine.

OK then, thank you for your reply.

I think the key thing here is that LingQ should not be a clearing house for sharing copyrighted material. So copyrighted material should not be shared in the Library. Similarly, I don’t think our forum is the place to talk about sharing such material. What you choose to do privately via email, to a friend or two, is entirely up to you.

All works by Juan Ramón Jiménez are still under copyright, so Alba herself is violating Juan Ramon’s copyrights anyway.

Funny though she doesn’t like to freely share her illegal recordings :stuck_out_tongue: