From time to time I have the impression to reach a point in language learning from which there seems to be no more progress, independant from my efforts in getting better. Like lost in a “plateau” with no change to move, to reach the next level.

Here’s a great video by Steve - “When your language learning hits a plateau”: When Your Language Learning Hits a Plateau - YouTube I often re-visit his stuff to get some fresh ideas and impetus to move forward.

Perfect, thank you for the link, Julz! :slight_smile:
What would you say, how long does it take in general for you to stay on this plateau until you have again the feeling of new movement or progress? Weeks, months…?

It’s best for others to answer, since I’m still in kindergarten :slight_smile: I’m busy watching “How long to get to a conversational level…” ^^ Steve Kaufmann on Getting to a Conversational Level - YouTube LOL

I would give everything to be in your FL kindergarten:)!!!

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There are different kinds of plateus, some is longer than others. One way is to focus on your weaknesses, if you never write, start writing etc. the plateus are there so we can find out if really want this or not. Without them, it’s easy to learn a language, mastering the guitar or win the Nobel Prize.

Language learning is not for sissies ! :wink:

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