Plagiarism, twin collections?

Hi, we`ve just noticed that yesterday Lingq released a new collection on the Spanish library called: “Easy Spanish Recordings”

Well, that name reminds of ours called “Easy Spanish”, at least a tad, doesn’t it? (well ok, A LOT!).

We’re asking Lingq please change the name of your collection, since ours is much older (ok, not much, just 12 days).

It’s not just that the name is the same. We wouldn’t want people give the impression that we’re the same providers. Audio quality and lessons’ philosophy are quite different.

Our collections:
Lingq’s collection:

It is a little difficult to trademark the term “Easy” but having had a look at the quality of the material prepared by IdeL, and to avoid confusion, we will rename the “other” collection. Great stuff, keep it up.

By the way the content from the University of Texas was uploaded at the request of a member.

Are you serious?

I’ve heard some ridiculous claims in my life but I find it hard to believe someone could think “Easy Spanish Recordings” was plagiarizing “Easy Spanish”.

IdeL is a premium creator of learning content, one of our LingQ originals, we are lucky to have them and we are glad to try to accommodate them. The wording has been changed.

I suspect it was an elaborate scheme to try to promote their content. I think it has worked! :slight_smile:

Nice or Borius?


isn’t IMHO no a Beginner 1 lesson!

SoyYViento it’s not that hard to believe that anyone could get mixed up and end up believing that collections starting with “Easy Spanish” are from the same provider. Like Steve says it’s better to avoid confusion. It’s not that they’re trying to plagiarise our lessons, it’s just that we’re not thrilled with its misleading name.

Steve thanks a lot for changing the name. We really appreciate it.

@IdeL - More than that, we appreciate you guys providing excellent content for the Spanish Library here on LingQ! Keep up the excellent work!

@hape - I’ve now changed the level to Beginner 2 :slight_smile:

You’re most kind alex, ty!