Picture uploading

I’ve been trying for a couple weeks to get my pictures for my lessons uploaded. Apparently the profile pic function is working fine, but I still see nothing when trying to use the upload function for lessons.

Hi lingQuser,

We did just upload a new cropper on the Profile page. It works in most browsers but not in IE. We are going to add it to the Import page, hopefully today. As well as, fixing the IE bug.

The cropper is now working properly for all browsers in all locations on the site. (Profile, Import lesson, Import Collection, Providers)

Several days ago I was able to upload images for a new collection and a new lesson. Today I upload new lesson to this collection and can’t neither upload image for the new lesson, nor change image for the collection… Cropper just does not appear :frowning:

This evening it was possible at first to upload a picture, but now it is not longer.

Irene and Rasana, which browser are you using?

If you have IE8, you will have to turn on compatibility settings to be compatible with our site. There is a button to the right of the address bar to do this.

Mark, I figured out that all pop-up windows of LingQ (image uploading window, external dictionaries) are blocked at one of my PC. Everywhere I use Firefox 3, and “block pop-up windows” setting are turned off… But as at other 2 PCs LingQ works fine, it is problem with that my computer… I have to check all settings.

Make sure you have Java script enabled for that browser where you have trouble. It sounds like you have it disabled now.