Phantom Lessons and nonupdating activity score

The first problem I have is, I have quite a few lessons appearing in My Lessons that I didn’t add(Nippon Voice Blogs). Its not hurting me, but it is annoying having to wade through them. I can’t delete them nor archive them. I try but it doesn’t actually do anything. Just these specific ones.

The second issue is that my activity score is not updating. It doesn’t really affect anything, but it is kind of annoying.

@brichardson2x - It’s possible that you opened these lessons by clicking a link on the forum, etc. This would then add them to your My Lessons list.

Are you able to delete or archive any lessons on your page, or is it just these lessons? This issue was reported in the past and we found that the lessons disappeared within anywhere from a few hours to a day. Would you try deleting one of these lessons then check back the following day to see if it’s still there or not?

Regarding your Activity Score, there can sometimes be a delay with this updating, however you should see this updated properly within 24 hours as well.

I’m 100% sure I didn’t add them. I never click links on the forum. It was also like 10 that were added.

I tried deleting or archiving earlier today and again later. I’ll try and wait a while and give an update if they are still there.

I’ll wait on the activity score for a few days and then give updates as well.

Update: The activity score works, still waiting for the unwanted content to go away. And Its definitely only these lessons that won’t go away.

Yeah the lesson thing is definitely broken. No new lessons are appearing that I add to My Lessons and the unwanted lessons are still there. Strangely enough, the new lessons are being added to the LingQ app. The unwanted lessons aren’t on the app either. On the LingQ app everything is exactly how it should be.

Update: Well I solved the problem of the unwanted lesson by Adding then deleting all of the unwanted lessons manually, so that’s one problem solved. But the new lessons I add are not going into My Lessons page.

Well I thought I manually deleted the lessons. They appeared back today and still no lessons that I did want showing up.

@brichardson2x - Would you be able to take a screenshot of your My Lessons page and also tell us the URL that you are accessing when seeing these lessons? This may give us a better idea of what is causing this.

The URL is here Login - LingQ

The picture of the correct my lessons under the home page is here
The picture of the correct my lessons on iPhone is here
The picture at the top URL that is wrong is here

@brichardson2x - I am unable to view these images as they are private on your Twitter account. You can instead send the screenshots to support (at)

lol I forgot I did that. I’d rather just publicize my twitter. Which I just did.

@brichardson2x - I can’t say for certain, but it looks like you may have the Sort filter set at “Roses” on the My Lessons page. If you switch it to “Recently Opened” it should display the same list as it shows on the Learn page and in the app. The sort is remembered on the My Lessons page so you should only have to change it once.

That fixed it thanks. I never even noticed that option before. Thanks for all the help.