Pessoal e Transmissivel

For a wonderful interview between a Portuguese interviewer and a Brazilian biographer of Paulo Coelho listen to the podcast at the bottom of the list you will find at

You will hear the difference between the two versions of Portuguese, and learn a lot about Paulo Coelho. It is a pity we cannot get transcripts from this and other great podcasts at the TSF site.

Hello Steve,

I do not mind transcribing these podcasts, but without their permission we can not share them in the library… (Can we?) I wish I could get in touch with them, but they just don’t give me a reply…

PS: his books are worth reading. :wink:


It is too much work to do the transcript for just one person. Lets hope that we can get the transcript. I am hoping to visit Portugal this fall and will try to contact them when I am there.

Really? If you do visit Portugal, please let me know! Who knows, perhaps you could use the chance to give a talk about LingQ at my university. That would be great! (Even if you don’t, I would be more than happy to listen to you - in person!) :slight_smile:

Sorry about my enthusiasm. I got a bit carried away…

Obrigada pelo link (que é muito interessante!), Steve. Infelizmente não consegui encontrar a enrevista com Paulo Coelho… :frowning:

Não é uma entrevista com Coelho, é uma entrivista com o senhor que escreveu o biografia de Coelho, se chama Fernando Morais, é Brasileiro. Voce ten que buscar embaixa da lista,

Ahh, desculpe, tinha percebido mal! Obrigada pela informção.